Shygirl Is Ready for Her Closeup in Her “Cleo” Video

The new single follows her recent collaboration with slowthai.

Shygirl has been working her way to the top over the past few years with a series of tantalizing dance hits. Each release finds her pushing the boundaries around fantasy, carnal desire, and our expectations for dance floor soundtracks—and she hasn’t let us down yet. Most recently, she followed 2020’s Alias with the unforgettable slowthai collaboration “BDE” over the summer. Shygirl’s latest single “Cleo” finds her switching lanes again, trading that unnerving skin mask from her Alias cover for something much more glamorous.

“You’ve got me feeling like a movie star,” she declares as a dramatic string arrangement ushers us into this lavish new world. Using a luscious surreality as another canvas for play, Shygirl acts out another’s wildest dreams. “I can play anybody / I can be your fantasy,” she coos before the soundtrack transitions into a slender, affixing house beat.

During “Cleo,” Shygirl reinforces that all eyes are on her—and it’s really hard not to watch her with the entrancing Trinity Ellis–directed video that comes alongside the single. Watch it below.


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