Beach Bunny’s Air Intake Gets Rehabilitated by Love on “Oxygen”

The new standalone single follows their recent collaboration with MARINA.

Chicago’s Beach Bunny have had quite the come-up since Honeymoon, their 2020 album that was then followed by this year’s Blame Game EP. They’ve also recently had some major remix collaborations, teaming up with Tegan and Sara for a new version of Honeymoon‘s “Cloud 9” and with MARINA for a new take on “I Love You But I Love Me More.” But today, they’ve set off on their own for a standalone single titled “Oxygen.”

A recent Q&A on the band’s Instagram hints that forthcoming music might be inspired by things out of this world (even this single’s cover art is intergalactic). But there’s nothing super spacey about “Oxygen,” except for maybe an exciting change in worldview, or the fact that the air we breath here on earth might not be enough for lead singer Lili Trifilio. “Suddenly everything is easy / I’ve never felt something so deeply,” she sings. “Cause with you, with you / I breathe again / Baby you’re my oxygen.” Punchy guitars and powerful vocals capture that miraculous sensation of someone changing the way the air fills your lungs.

Trifilio shared that this “is a song about the perils of navigating romantic feelings, the joy that comes with allowing love to happen, and the act of letting go of the anxiety and our inner voices that make us feel undeserving of love. I wanted it to have a playful vibe with anthemic choruses and a big, blissed out ending.”

Hear it below.


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