Donald Glover Shares a Characteristically Unsettling Trailer for Season 3 of “Atlanta”

Glover posted the trailer to a new website that’s only operational at night.

It’s been a long few years since the second season of Donald Glover‘s acclaimed television show Atlanta ended. With each passing year, the mystery and the anticipation around the forthcoming seasons have been building, and now we’ve got some concrete evidence that a follow-up is imminent.

Last night, as a little Halloween treat, Glover tweeted a website called Gilga. It turns out that if you go to that site during the day it won’t be active—Gilga is a “nite-site,” only being operational from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. (no specification on time zone). However, last night, during the operational hours, the site featured an eerie trailer for season three of Atlanta.

In the trailer, Sun Ra’s “It’s After the End of the World” plays while a variety of empty scenic photos flash on screen. At the end, Brian Tyree Henry’s Paper Boi sits at a table staring off dead-eyed into the distance. There are two figures, seemingly waiters, standing behind him with facing the wall. It’s creepy.

Watch it below.


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