Rosk Uses Her Worst Enemy for Inspiration on “Anxiety”

It’s the fourth single from the Mexico City–based musician’s forthcoming album Art Collective.

Anxiety can really mess up your world. It can put you on edge or make you want to never leave your bed. Rosan Sashida, the Mexico City–based musician who releases music under the name Rosk, has utilized this chaos-causing emotion as the inspiration for her latest single which takes its name from the affliction, and which matches the warped and unsettling energy that’s at anxiety’s core. Over trudging drums and an unhinged organ, Rosk reveals, “Anxiety is getting the best of me.” She switches between English and Spanish, using what she calls her native language (Spanglish) for the first time in a song.

“‘Anxiety’ is a song I wrote about the difficult feelings that arise when one decides to reside in isolation, but also the challenge it becomes to later go out and try to interact with normality,” Sashida tells us. “We are our own worst enemies—in my case, anxiety is what has taken the best of me, and that’s what I wanted to put in a song. The production was a collaboration with Pachi García Alis. We sent files back and forth during the quarantine while he was locked in his studio in Baeza, Spain, and I was locked in my apartment in Mexico City.”

Listen to “Anxiety” below.


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