KAINA Accepts Love in All Forms on “Anybody Can Be in Love”

Her album It Was a Home, which features Sleater-Kinney, Helado Negro, and Sen Morimoto, is out March 4.

It’s easy to overcomplicate things. This overwhelming world can make time feel meaningless, loneliness a constant companion, and misery ready to rear its head at the flicker of a push notification. But today, KAINA has shared a song that feels like light breaking through a huddle of storm clouds. “Anybody Can Be in Love” eschews that urge to overcomplicate, overthink, and disrupt a bright moment’s potential. The soulful single also comes with the news of her forthcoming album It Was a Home, which is scheduled for release on March 4 via City Slang.

“’Anybody Can Be in Love’ is about letting go and accepting love when it comes to any sort of relationship, romantic or platonic,” the Chicago musician revealed. “I’ve seen myself and my close friends miss out on a really great moment we’ve wished for or a great relationship because we’re so fixated on getting hurt or being fearful. ‘Anybody Can Be in Love’ is a little reminder to keep it simple and enjoy the moments you’ve been waiting for. Sonically, I wanted the track to sound very psychedelic and dreamy. Almost like love is taking over and you’re just losing yourself in a moment. It was a pleasure working on this with first time collaborator Biako along with Sen Morimoto and longtime bandmate Michael Cantella on bass.”

The sauntering track also comes with a video directed by Weird Life Films that’s inspired by Mr. Rogers’ TV show. KAINA walks around a vibrant neighborhood with animated dancing flowers and a sunglasses-wearing sun. It seems like a utopia—one where love is only a blink away.

Watch “Anybody Can Be in Love” below and pre-order It Was a Home here.


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