MØ Enters a New Era with the Earnest Singles “Goosebumps” and “Brad Pitt”

The tracks announce her forthcoming album Motordrome, out January 28 via Columbia.

The Danish musician returned a couple months ago with the resilient dance floor hit “Live to Survive,” and is now announcing that her follow-up to 2018’s Forever Neverland is coming soon. The forthcoming album is titled Motordrome, and it’s influenced by her struggles with panic and anxiety. The title was inspired by the stuntman trick called dødstrome—basically the globe of death where motorcyclists ride around in a spherical cage.

She’s also shared two new tracks today. One is a sincere love song that blossoms into sexy synth-rock, while the other is a slow-burning yearn for past thrills. “‘Goosebumps’ was the first song I intentionally wrote for Motordrome,” MØ said. “Both the song and the video are about remembering who you are, who you were, and who you aspire to be. I wanted the video to tell the story of pulling yourself out of the mind’s prison and back into life.”

In regard to the album, she noted that it “represents a huge change in my life. Even though I’m still doing what I love doing, it does feel like a new chapter. An era of my life is over and I’m entering a new one. That is scary, but it’s freeing.”

Hear both “Goosebumps” and “Brad Pitt” below.


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