Scott Hardware Distills Urgent Nostalgia on “Summer”

The single comes from his forthcoming album Ballad of a Tryhard that’s out March 4.

Scott Hardware‘s latest single “Summer” is a lush reintroduction to the world. The rush of drums and immediate piano melody capture the excitement of the season’s rotation. “Oh, I am waiting for you / I am waiting for you,” he sings during the chorus. It’s earnest contemporary rock, packed to the brim with urgent longing.

“I was born in September, and autumn has always been my favorite season,” Hardware shares in regard to the track. “Fall people love to look back and to dwell in the bittersweetness of memory. This song marks a deep dive into my changing thoughts about nostalgia, seeing it change from cozy romanticism to toxic waste.”

“Summer” comes from Hardware’s forthcoming album Ballad of a Tryhard, which is the follow-up to last year’s Engel. The album was made in Spain and co-produced with Matt Smith. It will be out March 4 via Telephone Explosion Records.


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