Alex Cameron Will Come for Those Who Fuck with His Family on “Sara Jo”

It’s his first new music since 2019’s Miami Memory.

Alex Cameron is an expert hip-shaker and also a catchy songwriter. His latest release, a single titled “Sara Jo,” is another exercise in both. The jazzy track finds Cameron coming for those who lead his loved ones astray. During the chorus he asks: “Who told my brother that his kids are gonna die from this vaccine? / Who told my mother that she’s never gonna find no love, nobody? / Who told my father that he doesn’t have to pay for counseling?”

“Man, I used to be such an idiot,” Cameron shared in a lengthy statement. “I still am an idiot, but I used to be one too. That’s the template of a Mitch Hedberg joke. The sentiment orbits around me constantly. Judgement in retrospect. Evolving identities that change just as much as they stay the same. I can even hate thoughts I’ve had and decisions I’ve made in the past. Cringe at the old me. Oblivious to how I’ll view this enlightened version of myself in hindsight. Cause man, I used to be such an idiot. Good thing I’ve improved since then. I put in the work. I listened. I learned. I’m malleable like that. Good for me.

“What’s worse than an idiot? Someone who thinks they used to be an idiot—but aren’t anymore,” he continues later in the statement. “In a clear moment I see it in myself. I’ll say things like ‘I can’t believe people think that’s true.’ Or ‘these fucken idiots.’ You can watch me do it. Watch me distance myself from ideas and actions that I find don’t align. I might have used to think a thing was true, or right, or just – but that was someone else’s idea. That was an idiot’s musing. I was the victim of dumb charm. And the perpetrator is to blame. If I could only remember who that idiot was. And so we have ‘Sara Jo’—a search for the person responsible for all bad ideas. Cause it sure as hell isn’t me.”

Watch the accompanying Cameron-directed video for “Sara Jo,” filmed in Croatia, below.


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