DITZ Soundtrack the Intoxicating Spiral of Possession on “The Warden”

It announces their debut album The Great Regression, out next year.

DITZ are a Brighton-based quintet that have recently shared some electrifying music. Their latest single “The Warden” is an intense mess of guitars and harrowing lyrics. It’s a claustrophobic and riotous rock track, which is exactly the kind of background noise I need as the holiday season comes tumbling in with its saccharine soundtrack. The new single also comes with the announcement of their debut album The Great Regression, which is out next year on Alcopop.

“The Warden” plays with an obsessive compulsion to control. Guitars sprint and then slow to a lurching wail as vocalist Cal Francis sings about wearing one’s skin as a glove and bending his subject into any shape desirable. “Do you know who I am,” Francis authoritatively declares at one point. Here, DITZ are in complete control.

“Existing in music you meet a lot of incredibly talented people with very singular mindsets,” Francis said about the song. “I’ve seen lots of good friends really struggle to develop because of their intense focus on their output. The titular warden is a metaphor for this obsession and how it’s easy to let yourself be ruled by that mindset which can actually become a deceptively comfortable place.”

“The Warden” is accompanied with a video directed and edited by Jay Bartlett that finds the band chopped and split between multiple screens. Check it out below.


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