Jalen Santoy Emphasizes the Importance of Letting Go on “Dismissal”

The single is a collaboration between fellow North Carolina artists Cyanca, Erick Lottery, Reuben Vincent, and Well$.

Relationships are difficult. Love is complicated. Letting go is easier said than done. All these topics are broached on “Dismissal,” the latest single from Charlotte-born and LA-based rapper Jalen Santoy. Santoy collaborated with fellow North Carolina artists Reuben Vincent, Erick Lottary, Cyanca, and Well$ for the single.

“‘Dismissal’ embodies the harsh reality we encounter when it’s time to part ways with something or someone we once loved,” Santoy said in a statement. “We’re reminded of the enjoyable moments, but accepting of a closed chapter.”

Since his 2020 album II Shepherds, Santoy has released a few singles including “STAY” and “Checks.” Listen to “Dismissal” below.


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