LCD Soundsystem Cover Joy Division and Spacemen 3 at First Show in Three Years

It was the bands first show in their 20-night residency at Brooklyn Steel.

LCD Soundsystem haven’t played a show since 2018. Over the next month they’ll be dramatically amending that by playing a 20-night residency at Brooklyn Steel. The first show took place last night and the band played songs from all four of their studio albums, from 2005’s LCD Soundsystem to 2017’s American Dream.

The group also played a couple covers, including Spacemen 3’s “Big City” and Joy Division’s “No Love Lost.” When they were performing the former, the power of some amps went out and James Murphy makes a quip about failure rearing its head whenever you’re attempting to do something cool. When they performed the latter, Murphy explains that it’s the last song before the encore. “If this is your first show, let me explain what happens,” he said. “We’re gonna play a song. Then we’re gonna go back there and everyone is gonna pee. Then we’re going to look at each other and be like, ‘Are we really fucking doing this?’ Then we’re going to come back and play more songs.” Indeed, James Murphy, indeed.

An attendee captured the whole concert on video last night. Watch the full performance below.


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