Sooner Detail New LP “Days and Nights,” Share First Single “Boscobel”

The Brooklyn-based dream pop collective riff on black metal with the first single from their Good Eye Records debut, out March 25.

Late last year, Sooner teased a new album called Days and Nights for release in early 2022, which would be their first for Good Eye Records. Today they’re making good on that promise with both a release date for that project (March 25) and the record’s first single and opening track “Boscobel,” which maintains the glossy sheen of dream pop while a subtle aggression occasionally bleeds through. “[Guitarist John Farris] was on a black metal listening kick when he wrote the riffs, which definitely inspired them,” the group explains. “Playing with the rest of the band managed to temper, slow down, and smooth out the edges, and the end result is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum—some really pretty parts, while it also manages to hit hard and get heavy.”

Meanwhile, vocalist Federica Tassano’s falsetto contrasts neatly with that dark edge supplied by Farris. “The lyrics are about someone’s confession of a struggle to Federica,” the band notes. “People tend to confide in her, and this person revealed they’d been in a really rough place…they were actually stealing from their employer, but that it was their ‘addiction demon’ not their true self.”

Check out the track below, and pre-save the LP here.


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