Vitesse X Announces Debut LP “Us Ephemeral,” Shares Video for Title Track

The artist returns to her hometown of New Paltz, NY for the visual for the first single from the LP out March 25 via 100% Electronica.

When you look at all the major plot points of the 1990s together, the decade was a pretty dark time, particularly in the U.S.—domestic terrorism became a not-uncommon thing, Jeff Bezos planted the seeds for the annihilation of brick-and-mortar bookstores, and basically every blockbuster and cult movie was in some way about how inhumane life in a cubicle was. But as a ’90s kid it’s hard to look past, y’know, Pogs or whatever to observe that bleak reality. And it sure doesn’t help that a blooming techno and rave culture fortified those positive vibes.

It’s this idyllic slice of ’90s life that Vitesse X channels on her debut album Us Ephemeral, with the title track setting the scene for what’s to come when the full LP drops March 25 via 100% Electronica. A wash of icy synths kicks the song off before the beat drops, launching the wispy vocals and blooping ambience skyward. To double down on that sense of nostalgia, Vitesse filmed a video for the track that sees her finding escape by revisiting the sights of her hometown.

“Ever since I was a kid, the mountains have been a place for me to escape to when I’m looking to reconnect with myself,” she shares. “In the summer, my friends and I would go for hikes in the woods and swim in the natural pools, and when I look back, these have unequivocally become my best memories. I decided to shoot my music video for ‘Us Ephemeral’ in my hometown, New Paltz, NY, in some of the same locations that resonated with me the most growing up. I wanted to tap into those blissful, bittersweet moments that were so fleeting yet so defining for me—brief moments where friendship and nature seem to heal you from the delusions of the modern world, and for a second, everything feels right again.”

Watch the vid below.



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