Articles by Pete Tosiello

BJ the Chicago Kid, Voice of the American Soul

The multifaceted vocalist walks us through his storied career leading up to his new record, “1123.”

Globetrotter Henry Canyons Finds a Home in LA’s Hip-Hop Scene

Coasting on the acclaim of April’s Cool Side of the Pillow LP, the LA-based emcee is finding his way from the backwoods to underground hip-hop’s forefront.

Nas’s “Nasir” Is the Album 2018 Deserves

It’s a fascinating and depressing listen for our current moment, a collaboration between two once-beloved icons reduced by their own grievous public misdeeds.

Watts, Friendship, and Humanity: Twenty-Five Years of “Menace II Society”

While often mislabeled as a “Boyz n the Hood” knockoff, the 1993 film’s precision in rendering the American male adolescent experience remains unmatched.


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