Hey Nintendo, Get On This: “Mario Kart: Fury Road”

3...2...1...Go! [Rocket Start]

Because there’s always a reason to re-watch those insane trailers (and we haven’t quite gotten over our love affair with Mad Max: Furiosa Road), glory be to YouTuber sundbergkr for making the mash-up that was there all along.

Lots of geeky inside jokes abound, but since youth isn’t quite youth without Mario Kart 64 (or Mad Max, for that matter), the subtleties are probably lost on no one. Behold, our Valhalla: Mario Kart: Fury Road, starring Max Rockatansky as Mario, Imperator Furiosa as Princess Peach, Nux the War Boy as Koopa Troopa, and Immortan Joe as Bowser (of course).


(via Kotaku)


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