Girlpool, “Before the World Was Big”

Before the World Was Big

Stripped down and to the point, Girlpool’s debut full-length Before the World Was Big reminds us that, sometimes, less is more. The record’s sweet sound and crisp production play like a direct reaction to LA’s current scene, which, right now, seems to be saturated with psychedelic-influenced garage groups that fill speakers with ungodly amounts of reverb and inaudible lyrics. When it comes to Girlpool, though, Harmony Tividad plays bass, Cleo Tucker plucks the guitar, and they both write and sing. That’s it. “Ideal World” boasts, “I was taught what to believe / Now I’m only certain that no one is free.” “Cherry Picking” begs the question, “Do you feel restless when you realize you’re alive?” There’s a palpable bond between the girls that’s apparent in the flow of their vocals and stream of consciousness lyrics. Even in the midst of a noisy indie scene, Girlpool’s voice is heard through its directness and confidence.


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