LISTEN: Obama Meets Maron on the Presidential Edition of “WTF Podcast”

For those wondering what a nervous Marc Maron sounds like.

Officially speaking, the latest episode of Marc Maron’s beloved WTF Podcast is number 613, but within the run of the show—and the career of Maron at large—the number is much less arbitrary.

Hanging out “right down the street” from where he used to live while going to school at Occidental College, President Barack Obama was the podcast’s first guest this week, sitting down with the noticeably jittery star of Maron for a conversation about growing up, current events, and, of course, politics.

The talk was relatively laid back and down-to-earth (for a Presidential conversation, that is), but given the recent shooting in South Carolina, it was also quite somber at times, and was probably about as serious as Maron ever gets.

You can listen to the episode on the WTF Podcast site and check out more photos from the visit here.

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(via Vice)


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