Hulu Will Bring Their Original Programming to You Week-By-Week

No binge-watching here.

As you may have already found out while waiting for the next installment of Amy Poehler’s Difficult People to air, Hulu has no plans to feed into your binge-watching habits. In a panel at the Television Critics Association, this week, Hulu chief Craig Erwich revealed that all episodes of the network’s upcoming series will be released weekly, rather than all at once.

Obviously, the approach is made to contrast with Netflix and Amazon, who have both found (or are poised to find) success by sending out seasons of content at midnight launches, thus sending viewers into spiraling nights of eyeball-melting TV marathons. Hulu has responded to that by saying, “Oh yeah? Well, we have every Seinfeld episode.”

Erwich cited his interest in preserving the “water cooler experience” of drawn-out cultural television discussion—something that HBO is still keeping very much alive with buzzed-about shows (for better or worse) like True Detective.

The first new batch of shows to get the water cooler test are The Hotwives of Last Vegas on August 18, the rebooted The Mindy Project on September 15, Casual on October 7, and Rocketjump on October 21. Don’t miss those dates. Or do, and then binge-watch to catch up.

(via Flavorwire)


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