LISTEN: Joanna Newsom Steals the Emmys’ Thunder with New Track “Leaving The City”

Divers is out October 23 on Drag City.

Joanna Newsom’s Twitter account is basically abandoned, but back in 2009, she sent out her only post—a response to some random dude in which she happily confirms that conversations with her husband (and then boyfriend) Andy Samberg must really be awfully weird.

Perhaps as a result of one of those weird conversations, Newsom decided to unveil “Leaving The City,” the second single from her highly anticipated new album Divers, right in the middle of Samberg’s big night last night as host of the Emmys. Like the music and (Paul Thomas Anderson–directed) video for “Sapokanikan,” it’s a quietly thunderous experience, but this time, the music finds Newsom exploring relatively new (and enticing) sonic territory, adding in a rock-ish Marxophone and Mellotron sound into her arsenal. Oh, and it’s catchy as all hell. Step up your harp game, Samberg.

Divers is out October 23 on Drag City.


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