WATCH: Try Not to End Up Like Cher in New “Girls” Trailer

"I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment."

We’ve already seen her dancing with her mom and helping Marnie out with her horrific wedding day makeup, but in a new promo for Girls‘ fifth season, Hannah (Lena Dunham) is following George Costanza’s lead and sitting for boudoir photos. Or, really, she’s having Ray take them on his phone in the back of Cafe Grumpy while Elijah stands watch, but it’s still a big moment for a girl who has “worked very, very hard to overcome the challenges of my non-traditional body type.”

In exactly one month, we’ll all be thrown back into the world of Hannah and her friends and, from these ads, it seems like Marnie’s nuptials bring the foursome back to New York, at least for a little while. Thankfully, Jessa’s harsh (but true) advice is in full force throughout this new trailer, but we still only get one shot of Adam being frustrated in a doorway. It’s almost like he had something else to do

Watch it all implode below.

Girls‘ fifth (and penultimate) season starts on February 21 on HBO.

(via Rolling Stone)


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