WATCH: Don Cheadle Takes His Shots as Miles Davis in New “Miles Ahead” Trailer

Cheadle's full-length directorial debut is out April 1.

We got our first glimpse of Don Cheadle as Miles Davis back in October, when a brief clip of Cheadle’s new film Miles Ahead was released ahead of its premiere at the New York Film Festival. Those sixty or so seconds show Cheadle as Davis in his youthful prime as he instructs his pianist and gives direction to his backing players. When the group launches into a song, they create a tidy structure within which Cheadle (who learned to play the trumpet for the role) plays.

But now we have an actual trailer for Miles Ahead, and tidiness is not necessarily the adjective you’d associate with it. The film—one of our Most Anticipated Films of 2016takes place in 1979, a particularly dark period in Davis’ life. When Ewan McGregor‘s (fictional) Rolling Stone reporter shows up at his door to help him stage his comeback, he finds a disheveled mess of sunglasses and hair. Together, the pair attempt hunt down one of Davis’ old master recordings, but his paranoia and confusion seem to send them deep into a violent and at times surreal world. You can check it all out below.

Miles Ahead is out April 1.

(via Pitchfork)


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