WATCH: Disney’s “Feast” Is the Animated Short to Look Out For This Year

A glimpse of the world from a dog's point of view.

With Disney’s Big Hero 6 coming out in just a couple of weeks, the animation studio released the teaser of the short film that will open it up.

Directed by the co-animator of the accompanying full-length feature, Patrick Osborne (who also animated 2012’s Oscar-winning Paperman), Feast tells the story of a dog named Winston and his relationship with his master and food, and how that changes when his master gets a girlfriend. As Indiewire notesFeast could be a strong contender for an Oscar partially due to Osborne’s use of the same sort of revolutionary combination of hand-drawn and CGI techniques that created Paperman, as well as “a quick-cutting, mockumentary style and a look comprised of warm colors, flat shapes, and shallow depth of field.” Minimal, but impacting, we’re keeping our eyes on this one.

You’ll be able to watch Feast as the opener for Big Hero 6 on November 7.

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