WATCH: Teengirl Fantasy and Hoody’s New Video for “U Touch Me” on MOCAtv

The electropop duo collaborate with the Korean singer to create an ethereal and artistic vision of the track.

With their Thermal EP, Teengirl Fantasy‘s Logan Takahashi and Nicholas Weiss have created more than just a set songs; they’ve created a multi-media experience complete with an interactive website and now a collaborative video effort for “U Touch Me.” Starring Korean R&B singer Hoody, the video was released on MOCAtv, whose art and video channel has showcased some great collaborative efforts between artists and musicians (like Björk‘s “Mutual Core” video).

Directed by Tatiana Valentin and Taran Allen, the video showcases Hoody, who offered her airy vocals for the ballad, and a night-inspired color scheme filled with raindrops on glass for a dreamy video that amplifies the emotion of the track.


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