WATCH: Short Behind-The-Scenes Film Looks Back at the Making of “Boyhood”

A look at the production of Richard Linklater's landmark film.

With Boyhood, Richard Linklater achieved an amazing feat of capturing every stage of growing up over twelve years of filming. It’s that dedication to the art, the characters, and the story that made it one of the best films of 2014. The making of a film in that amount of time surely has a story within itself, and this new nine-minute short tells us what happened behind the scenes in those years.

The video captures the same spirit of the film, but instead of focusing on the characters, it turns the camera to the actors and talks to them about growing up, the future, and the impact the film has had on them. We see how they related to their characters and learn what it was like to have this film as such an integral part of their lives. For anyone that enjoyed the film, it’s worth watching how it all came to being.


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