“Space Jam 2” Will Begin Filming This Summer

You dont even need to ask—were all ready for this.

There’ve been rumors of a Space Jam sequel floating around for over two decades now. Seems like every time an NBA player nears the greatness of Michael Jordan, word spreads from an unspecified source that Tim Duncan—no, Shaq—no, Kobe—no, LeBron—no, K.D.—no, LeBron—no, Steph—no, really, LeBron!—would be stepping into the iconic role trailblazed by the greatest to ever play the game, retire, play another game, retire, play the first game again, retire again, and play the first game one last time. Not to mention the slightly more corroborable Spy Jam, Race Jam, Skate Jam, and an untitled Tiger Woods–led script that would squeeze MJ into a supporting role.

This time it’s pretty official. LeBron has confirmed that filming will start this summer for the sequel to the Wayne Knight vehicle, which, as announced last year, is set to be produced by Ryan Coogler and directed by Terence Nance, the mind behind the wildly experimental An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. With James’ name being the only one currently attached to the project, there are still plenty of casting and plot-related questions to be answered: Will LeBron’s immediate family have the courage to play themselves in the Jam universe? Who’s filling in for Vlade Divac? Who was Joe Pytka? Why is Who Framed Roger Rabbit? the cartoon-live action crossover we still revere? Why wasn’t Dan Aykroyd in that picture?


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