WATCH: J Mascis Lights Up Dinosaur Jr.’s “Get Me” Solo in “At: Guitar Center” Performance

"It's a bit fuzzy, it's back in the '90s..."

When J Mascis isn’t performing excellent Mazzy Star covers or preparing for the latest Burgerama festival, he’s giving some really interesting interviews.

The Dinosaur Jr. guitarist recently chatted with Nic Harcourt in Los Angeles about his early days as a frustrated guitar player and the meaning behind the classic Dinosaur Jr. song “Get Me.” Mascis also crunched his way through an excellent stripped-down solo version of said track for At: Guitar Center, which, despite the absence of Barlow and Murph, still amplified the studio up to 11.

About the track (originally off of Dino’s 1993 LP Where You Been), Mascis dug deep into the annals of his memory and casually stated that it’s about “voicing some disappointment, with some relationship, or something…” OK, J.

Watch this exclusive interview and performance clip from Mascis’s At: Guitar Center episode below.


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