WATCH: The Weeknd Brought His “Blinding Lights” Video to “Kimmel”

The Uncut Gems actor performed the single in costume (I hope) and with plenty of visual flair.

Closing out 2019 by sharing the fully energized singles “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights,” and by beating the Sandman’s ass, The Weeknd has been hitting the late night TV circuit to promote the songs yet to be attributed to a potential LP4. Much like the tracks themselves, these performances have been uniquely visceral, feeling less like disposable one-viewing affairs and more like music videos with staying power among your internet browser’s excessive tabs.

Last night’s performance of “Blinding Lights” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was one such affair—seconds into the song, the singer removes his sunglasses to reveal two black eyes and a broken nose, with blood streaking down his head to match his bright red suit (Sandman’s revenge?). Rounded out with a flashing backdrop of lightning and an overzealous DP shooting in extreme close-up and twisting the camera upside-down throughout, the visual is as aesthetically fascinating as the a-ha-like instrumentals The Weeknd is singing over.

Watch the video below—and for a little context, here’s the official music video.


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