WATCH: Ethan Gruska and Phoebe Bridgers Blow Leaves Together in “Enough for Now” Video

The songwriters’ unlikely meet-cute is soundtracked by the collaborative single from Gruska’s new LP En Garde.

While there’s plenty of engaging storytelling on Ethan Gruska’s sophomore LP En Garde—out today via Warner Records—nothing quite beats the romantic happenstance outlined in the songwriter’s new video for his Phoebe Bridgers collab “Enough for Now.” Set in a vibrant, leafy forest in the dead of fall, Gruska encounters Bridgers while both are strapped with leaf blowers.

The earnest existential debate of the lyrics weigh heavily against the visual, when the two meet and aim their air nozzles directly into each others’ faces. From there, the pair use their air-blowing devices to launch themselves into the air, the video closing with the canopy of leaves underneath their feet. It’s weird!

Watch it below, and listen to Enough for Now here.


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