WATCH: Gorillaz Jam with slowthai and Slaves in “Momentary Bliss” Video

It’s the first collaborative track—er, episode—from the animated group’s newly announced Song Machine project.

Last month Gorillaz re-entered the public consciousness with a one-night-only documentary event that shed some light on the bizarre cartoon-helmed project’s past few years together. In being a band comprised of animated creatures, the group has obviously always been groundbreaking—but this week they’ve returned to pushing the envelope with a new music series called Song Machine that conceptually sounds like a collaborative album being released song-by-song, kind of like an episodic TV series.

Today we learn that that’s kind of exactly what this is, as we’re getting the first episode which features a brand new single by the band along with a five-minute video of the track being recorded, complete with inter-spliced footage of the cartoon band and its real-life creators. “Momentary Bliss” also notably features contributions from the band Slaves (the UK punk duo, not the Jonny Craig thing—unrelatedly, both bands should change their names IMHO!) as well as rapper slowthai, with the clean guitar and hip-hop beats abruptly transitioning into an oddly ska-infused jam when slowthai takes the mic. 

Watch the video below, and stay tuned for future singles—shit, “episodes.”


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