LISTEN: Tame Impala Rework “The Slow Rush” from the “Imaginary Place”

The alternate version of Kevin Parker’s new LP sounds like you’re hearing it from outside the venue.

There was a popular meme on Tumblr for a while where songs were uploaded to the site with the caveat that they were recorded from another room. When you hit play, familiar tracks like Dolly’s “Jolene” would play quietly and slightly muffled, giving the illusion that your roommate was jamming the song from behind a closed door. I don’t know why this was a thing, and I don’t know why it was funny every single time.

Seems like Kevin Parker’s been spending time on the storied social media platform, as he’s basically just dropped an album-length version of this meme. Reworking Tame Impala’s recent LP The Slow Rush, Parker cites this take as being from the “Imaginary Place,” which we can only assume is what he calls his roommate’s bedroom. Actually it feels a little more like a live version of the album recorded on a cell phone outside of a venue—complete with the ominous sound of a chattering crowd. 

Either way, stream the project below for a slightly quieter and further away version of the record.


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