Celebrate the Holidays with DIY Digital Radiohead Greeting Cards

Thom Yorke and company promise not to save any of your information in the process.

It’s December 21, just three days before the big day. That’s right—Christmas Eve, the day traditionally spent watching the greatest holiday movie of all-time, A Christmas Story. As for Christmas Day, well, like the rest of 2020 it’s going to be very different. Exhibit A: there’s a pretty good chance many of us never got around to sending friends or even family holiday and/or Christmas cards. Enter Radiohead.

We now have plenty of time to send out custom holiday sentiments thanks to the band, who’ve shared a new DIY digital greeting card generator on the Radiohead website. “This festive card is for you to make and send to acquaintances new and old,” according to the site, adding that “No element of data placed onto it will be stored by Radiohead.”

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Card-makers can choose from five different cover messages (cryptically listed as “FA LA LA,” “LA-LA,” “LA, LA,” “LA,” and “LAA,” though different messages appear once published), and the same number of messages for the inside of the card (among those messages: “PEACE ON YOU,” “IN LIEU OF EMPTINESS,” and, my personal favorite, “SUNLIT UPLANDS STILL AWAIT”). Now you can send vaguely apocalyptic digital cards to show your loved ones that you care (and could probably benefit greatly from a hug).

“Right now, I just feel this: I hope you are all safe and well and not too scared, or too bored.” Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood said in a statement. “I also hope that somehow we can be part of making music for you soon, and that the pleasure of making music, and hearing music, whether in a gig, concert hall, church, or at home with friends—is not forgotten in this desolate year.”

Make and send your DIY Radiohead digital greeting cards here.


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