Bruno Bavota Announces New LP “For Apartments: Songs & Loops,” Shares First Single

Recorded in lockdown, the LP drops August 27 via Temporary Residence Limited.

Bruno Bavota has spent his time in quarantine the same way most of us have—feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety and looking for an outlet for the heavy emotions that anxiety brings with it. The Italian composer channeled that somber energy into a collection of piano ballads in early June of 2020 with Apartment Songs Vol. 1 before transferring his focus toward a collection of wonder-struck electronic loops released a month later as Apartments Loops Vol. 1. Rather than following those up with a pair of Volume 2 EPs, Bavota is announcing a proper LP entitled For Apartments: Songs & Loops which will combine and build upon this groundwork. 

As the first taste of the record, out August 27 via Temporary Residence Limited, today we get a video for the track “Apartment Loop #6,” which adds to the intensity of his previous loops. Combining Basinskian droning with the skittering electronic-ambient touch of modern classical peer Nils Frahm, the six-minute single is an entrancing number fit for a future climactic Safdie brothers scene. The video, on the other hand, makes a solid argument for the recording to soundtrack a more abstract animated visual.

“The video for ‘Apartment Loop #6’ was a big opportunity to show our workflow in an artistic way,” share Marina Pacifico and Andrea Gallo of the visual art project Landstract. “From alcohol ink, the painting starts to come alive and the music transforms it into an abstract landscape. Landstract is an artistic project composed of two indivisible parts: the abstract physical painting, and the 3D digital art. Our visuals come from the contrast between organic material and digital structure. A simple process becomes complex when the classic painting crosses the digital aspect. Colour ink is a solid platform where the abstraction finds a sense of stability.”

Watch the video below, and pre-order Songs & Loops here.


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