Art d’Ecco Channels Sparks Eerily Well on Their Cover of “Angst in My Pants”

The cover follows d’Ecco’s recent In Standard Definition LP.

Last year we unexpectedly found ourselves in the midst of a Sparks-aissance—alongside the release of the Mael brothers’ 24th studio album, news of an Edgar Wright–helmed documentary on the LA cult band went public, along with word that Leos Carax’s long-talked-about follow-up to 2012’s Holy Motors would be soundtracked by a Sparks score.

It makes sense, then, that Art d’Ecco would unleash their uncannily faithful cover of the group’s 1982 single “Angst in My Pants” while Sparks are undergoing this critical re-evaluation. d’Ecco’s familiar sound lands somewhere between the accessible glam of early Killers records and the icy coldwave of Drab Majesty on the cover—when not fully blending with the weirdo, PG-horny new wave of the original song. “I’ve been sitting on this cover song for quite some time,” d’Ecco shares. “Sparks are an important band for me—one that I arrived to late in the game and felt an immediate connection with. I’m always drawn to bands and artists who constantly seek to reinvent themselves—you can appreciate their records as a stand alone affair, or string them together and enjoy the sonic odyssey.”

Hear the cover below.


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