Parquet Courts Announce New Album with Lead Single “Plant Life”

A Sympathy for Life is out October 22 on Rough Trade Records.

This past Saturday, Parquet Courts shared a new song called “Plant Life” on a Japanese radio station FM Karuizawa via Dr. Rob’s show (you can hear the announcement and the new single around the ten-minute mark). Now, if you want to hear it at your leisure, you have to buy the physical copy through Rough Trade, as it’s a physical-only single.

“’Plant Life’ the song is my story of rediscovering my passion for music through New York City dance floors,” said the band’s Austin Brown. “It’s a distillation from a 40-plus minute improvisation prompted by producer Rodaidh McDonald, and every way we’ve sliced it up illustrates a different mood of the same perspective of ecstasy and aspiration to not only grow, but form roots outside of our own barriers.”

But that’s not the only good news from the group. They’ve also announced their next album A Sympathy for Life, the follow-up to 2018’s Wide Awake, is coming October 22. They’ve also announced a new set of tour dates.

You can buy the 12-inch here, watch the “Plant Life” teaser below, and also see the list of tour dates.


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