Emma Ruth Rundle Brings a Dream to Life with Her “The Company” Video

Her new album Engine of Hell is out now via Sargent House.

Emma Ruth Rundle released her latest album Engine of Hell a little over a week ago. It’s an intimate and raw reflection of Rundle’s past, unlocking closed, cobwebbed doors of memory with blunt guitar strums and live recording takes. It’s Emma Ruth Rundle like we’ve never seen or heard her before, and it’s gripping.

Today, she’s shared the video for the single “The Company,” which was filmed on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. It was written, directed, and shot by Rundle. “I dreamed this visual poem about innocence of the spirit, sadness and the dark deceiver I spend my life trying to run from,” she explained. “Or is it a friendly entity? What does it mean? Upon waking—I acquired the equipment and made a plan to film it. I enlisted the help of my dear friend, Blake Armstrong, who helped shoot and plays part in the video as well.”

Watch “The Company” below, and buy Engine of Hell here.


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