Articles by Andy Hermann

What a Fool, and Shad, Believe

On the concept album “A Short Story About a War,” the Canadian rapper has created a world—and a war—that’ll hit close to home, wherever you are.

Sound Bath at the Black Dahlia House: Sigur Rós’ Liminal Music Series Returns

It’s beautiful stuff, and the hipsters are listening attentively, many with heads bowed and eyes closed, vibing out to the celestial sounds.

A Visit to Tónandi, Sigur Rós’s Virtual World Built on Billion-Dollar Technology

Via the natural collaboration of an LA-based startup and…an iconic Icelandic art-rock band (??), you can now add a surreal layer to the real world.

“MASSEDUCTION” Goes Massive: St. Vincent and Philippa Price Roll with the Punches

Annie Clark and visual artist Philippa Price designed St. Vincent’s latest tour specifically for festivals—and to make you ask, “Is this OK?”

The Breeders Splash Again

A quarter of a century after “Last Splash,” Kim Deal recalls The Breeders’ bitter dissolution, successful reunion, and the fractured recording process resulting in the utterly cohesive “All Nerve.”

From Backyard Parties to Coachella, Cuco Is Moving Hesitantly Toward Stardom

Fresh off Coachella, the young multi-instrumentalist continues to prove that his Honda is the only thing average about him.


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