Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Not Thrilled about Apple Music, Apple in General

The Grammy-winning folk musician says the company he knew "is no more"

Yesterday, about a week after Apple officially joined the streaming arms race, the Grammy-winning indie folk musician Justin Vernon tweeted his grievances about the tech giant. The creative force behind Bon Iver cited an article by FACT that asked whether Apple is still innovative and said, “the company that made me believe in companies, and not joking: PEOPLE / is no more.”

Apple Music’s current licensing structure, according to FACT, potentially means that “rights holders would be paid no royalties from those using the streaming service’s three month trial period,” which some fear would “punch a black hole” into the music industry’s annual earnings. Vernon joins many who share this concern, including, as Billboard reports today, indie label conglomerate Beggars Group.

Back in April, (when the Tidal debate was raging) Vernon aired his general disappointment in the company’s current state of affairs.

Today, Vernon cited older versions of popular Mac applications that had “such amazing design.” He then added that he’d “been loving Spotify, for the record,” but that he thinks “cd’s +lp’s and tapes are still better,” just in case any of you dare doubt his commitment to analog.

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(via Flavorwire)


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