Animal Collective Invite You to Get Your Bob Ross on with “Painting With” App

Paint with your pals while listening to "Lying in the Grass."

Animal Collective‘s Painting With drops in a couple of weeks, and while we’ve already enjoyed the trip to “FloriDada” (emphasis on the word “trip”), we’re anxious to hear the rest. As we all know, a little painting is a great cure for anxiety, and the AnCo dudes are doing their best to help us with their new app, which is also called Painting With.

The app, which is now available for iOS, does exactly what the title would have you believe: it allows you to collaborate on a digital “painting” with a friend—all while listening to album track “Lying in the Grass.” You can then share your creations on Instagram and Twitter, and they’ll be published live on Animal Collective’s website.

You can download Painting With (the app) on the iTunes App Store herePainting With (the album) is out February 19 on Domino.



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