WATCH: Stephen Colbert Is All Alone in the Spike Jonze–Directed Alternate Intro to “The Late Show”

One of the darker things you’ll ever see on Late Night, courtesy of Sesame Street.

Spike Jonze hasn’t directed anything since 2013’s Oscar-winning Her, but he’s always keeping busy. For instance, this time last year he was making Kanye West music videos (for tracks that didn’t even end up on The Life of Pablo!), and more recently he’s signed on to be the co-president of VICELAND, VICE’s new TV channel.

That channel went live yesterday, and to mark the occasion, Jonze went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It wasn’t just a green-room-then-sofa-then-bye affair, however, as the Being John Malkovich director also used the occasion to craft an alternate intro for Colbert’s show starring the host himself as well as Grover from Sesame Street. It’s weirdly and wonderfully dark, like a King of Comedy–inspired version of Anomalisa.

You can watch that below.

(via The A.V. Club)


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