WATCH: Andrew Bird Is Spooning the Laundry in the Video for “Capsized”

Are You Serious is out now via Loma Vista.

When we recently spoke with Andrew Bird for FLOOD 3, he described the making of Are You Serious, his new album, as coming from a place of matured understanding of the permanently chaotic nature of life: “In your twenties, you’re going from one heartbreak to another and it’s so dramatic, but really, you don’t even know! This is going to be the rest of your life.”

Want an example? Look no further than the wonderful album opener “Capsized,” which now has a video to make the point even clearer. Like the song/video for “Left Handed Kisses,” his duet with Fiona Apple, it’s something of a love tune—or lack thereof. Except this time, the conversation seems to be over, and Bird is on the run, target on his back.

Check out that video—directed by Tyler Manson—below.

Are You Serious is out now via Loma Vista.

(via Pitchfork)


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