Soccer Mommy’s “rom com 2004” Is a Glitch in the Matrix of Love Songs

The single is her first original release since last year’s color theory.

Soccer Mommy’s color theory was one of the best albums from last year. Since then, she’s shared some great remixes of those tracks and a Chicks cover. Today, she’s released another unexpected track with a surreal, video game–inspired visual called “rom com 2004.”

It’s unclear if the song is indebted to a specific romantic comedy from 2004, but, boy did I not realize how many greats there were that year—A Cinderella StoryChasing Liberty13 Going on 30, The Wedding DateAlong Came Polly, etc. “rom com 2004,” though, is a bit of an unhinged heart-on-your-sleeve soundtrack full of blustery guitars, with Sophia Allison’s vocals sounding like they’re coming over an intercom that short-circuits at times.

The video is another hallmark of the musician’s love of video games, where she becomes a floating, sometimes exploding Wii avatar. It’s eerie and cool, revealing Soccer Mommy is ready to head in a more experimental direction with her music. Watch it below.


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