WATCH: Ariel Pink Hides Faces Behind Masks in Video for “Picture Me Gone”

The adventures of Pam, Candace, and Heather.

When Ariel Pink joined New York City’s P.S. 22’s choir for a day, he shared the emotionally-charged live version of “Picture Me Gone.” Unlike the pseudo-romantic lyrics of the previously shared tracks “Put Your Number in My Phone” and “Black Ballerina,” Ariel Pink moves into themes of identity, invisibility, and the pursuit of meaning in his latest from the upcoming pom pom.

To go along with the heartfelt song, Ariel Pink teamed up with director Grant Singer to create the story of three characters, and follow a day in their lives behind latex masks (one of which is of Ariel Pink himself). The video is filmed all around LA as Pam, Candace, and Heather go through their work and school struggles and reach out to people in hopes of sexual encounters. With cuts moving to Ariel Pink earnestly singing “Picture Me Gone,” it all comes together to soothe the empty void that comes with pursuing happiness.

Pom pom is due out on November 17 via 4AD.



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