Articles by Jane Lai

Macie Stewart, “Mouth Full of Glass”

The Chicago-based songwriter’s debut collection of songs pair perfectly like ginger and garlic in oil, stewing a culmination of flavors that emerge.

Samia, “Scout”

Samia maintains a distinct harmonization and strong narratives which lend themselves to the release’s biggest highlights.

Skirts, “Great Big Wild Oak”

Alex Montenegro’s soft pop with a smidge of twang is a refreshing fusion of genres that proves the artist’s malleability.

Midwife, “Luminol”

Madeline Johnston’s third album explores what it means to be lonely and loud simultaneously within a world crumbling around us.

2nd Grade, “Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited”

2nd Grade adds new twists and turns to their 2018 debut while maintaining their sincere and fun power-pop packaging. 

Pom Pom Squad, “Death of a Cheerleader”

The band’s sophomore album balances a pop-punk grit with the complication of heartbreak.

Overcoats, “Used To Be Scared Of The Dark”

The NY duo succeeds at revamping overworked pop songs by accenting a spin of straight-from-the-heart sincerity.

STRFKR, “Reptilians” 10-Year Anniversary Edition

The group’s remastered 2011 LP arrives with 4 bonus tracks, new artwork, and plenty of nostalgia.

Mannequin Pussy, “Perfect”

The Philly punks’ latest resurrects simmering ’90s punk on their five-track EP, which covers plenty of ground.

Mia Joy, “Spirit Tamer”

Mia Joy Rocha’s debut set of dirges sprinkled with honeyed lullabies are sure to drop you into an unexpected dreamscape.


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